Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7 - Earth and Sky

Journal and more work on orchestration of Elijah Rock: III. Rehoboam (Chronology and Call), crusing past the usual suspicious characters of Long Barn and

the Chinese Wall before another day of student presentations in Theory, with Julian Lessin at the helm for an ostinatic FM7 dictation, Glendan Lawler for an evocative Greek song in, shall we say Phrygian Major Harmonic-Ascent Minor (Do Ra Mi Fa Sol Le Ti Do Te Le So Fa Mi Ra Do), William Smith's Hard-Rock-Chopinesque Composition 4 for board harmony, finishing up with Thomas Magleby in the second dictation of the day with Fly Me to the Moon, eminently appropriate as the day wanes.

Scott's need for test tutorial is a good enough excuse to hang out in the lab, finishing the instrumentalizing of Rehoboam, which is mostly sung by the character Elijah. A typical hall coffee break with Doug and a detailed score result in late leave-taking as the evening orb graces our local Diabolus.

By return, the globe is lost among terrestrial others at the local petrol stop, and the glowing visions continue while orchestrating the beginning of the somewhat jivey recitative that is Elijah: IV. Arise (Elijah and the Widow).