Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27 - Phased Patterns

Grading continues until mid-afternoon, with a buzz down to St. Mary's to deliver official news on that front, right down to the 4:30pm wire, and an extremely short walk adjacent,

then dinner at China Moon

(adjacent to Rheem Hill and its

Graffiti Rocks), more grading (Music History),

then up and over the Hill (revealing a striking Las Trampas Ridge) and another miniscule moment on the

Briones-to-Mt.-Diablo Trail

(passing solitary eucalypti, pines,

palms, redwoods, and cypresses --

with scrimmed views of Diablo,

and the Concord and

Acalanes Ridges),

finishing the orchestration of Elijah Rock: XI. Elijah (God and Elisha) (7 pages total) and recording same at DVC, and still more grading into tomorrow...