Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31 - Diocle[t](s)ian

Up seemingly ridiculously early, and out the door with H (at least the traffic is congenial at such hour) for our first rehearsal at Chamber Arts, in Berkeley, San Francisco Cabaret Opera's production of Henry Purcell's Dioclesian and the ten-minute version of my Diocletian, with Harriet March Page, Kathleen Cornelius, Maria Mikheyenko, Erin Lahm, Marilyn Pratt, Allison Collins,

Shauna Fallihee, Annemarie Ballinger, Kimberley Anderman, and Alexandra Jerinic -- all sounding wonderfully in these early stages of both pieces, with Skye at fantastically at the piano, and an-across-the-hall occasional-serenade of

impressive students in the J.S. Bach Orchestratl Suite No. 2,

complete with dog, whereupon (after dropping Alix off at Ashby Bart) we head home, coming up, between the two of us, with the intriguing notion of treating the little D as an intermezzo, with the pillars of Purcell on either side (this will actually be appropriate story chronology, too). Pleased, we have the rest of another well-appreciated (but potentially disaster-draughty inducing) sunny afternoon at leisure, which includes the orchestration of page 8 of Babe Ruth: IV. Daybreak Dance / Feria (Turn Aside).

Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30 - Infernal Sons and Daughters

Home most of the day, with the warm sun resonating, finishing up the encorporation of material from the Piero Weiss / Richard Taruskin Music in the Western World: A History in Documents, plus aspects of Marty Rokeach's repertory and syllabus, into the web framework of Out in the evening, with Harriet, for an intimate read-through of Peter Josheff's Inferno: Part I, with Eliza O'Malley and

Richard Mix additionally singing, then home for page 7 orchestration of Babe Ruth: IV. Daybreak Dance / Feria (Turn Aside).

Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29 - Centuries of Sound

21st-Century Music work in the morning before rendevouz'ing with the Theoreticians for the Treble and Bass Quiz, with musical examples drawn from European/American folk, Japanese, Asian Indian, Ancient Greek, and Gregorian chant traditions -- after which, lo and behold, my missing power cord (as we know, the power chords are always with us, as above) shows up -- rejoice!

So it's time to celebrate by heading home and working on the upcoming Music and the Enlightenment course, putting up material in reference to the Piero Weiss / Richard Taruskin Music in the Western World: A History in Documents Baroque selections (when reaching the latter years of the period, the 18th Century really rules in this realm, at least for the moment -- Harriet is in the next room doing staging for the W.A. Mozart Marriage of Figaro), plus another orchestrated page (6) of Babe Ruth: IV. Daybreak Dance / Feria (Turn Aside).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28 - Gaining Enlightenment

A feverish morning and early afternoon, with primes/retrogrades/inversions/retrograde-inversions, Kyrie IV dictation, and the first excellent student compositions -- plus, while working with Alana afterwards on her piece, she volunteers to assist Scott with his magnifier -- good news... Upon return, continue work on the St. Mary's Music and the Enlightenment Course, re-organizing syllabus, new posts at, etc. plus another orchestrated page (5) of

Babe Ruth: IV. Daybreak Dance / Feria (Turn Aside)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27 - Alarming, Gracious

Amazing Grace, after

John Newton for dictation (although we do it in C), and a renewal of the annual parking permit -- the campus law enforcer asks for my license, which of course I have never memorized until now, to a pattern of

Re Re Me
Te Te Do



Full house for the evening Music Literature class -- extra chairs hauled in again, folks sitting at the front of the class room -- and thereafter working on the license plate theme in a J.S. Bachian prelude-and-fugue context, plus to more pages of orchestration for Babe Ruth: IV. Daybreak Dance / Feria (Turn Aside).

Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26 - Sunangle Celebration

A year and a day have passed away since first to you I came upon blogspot.

F Major / Lydian / Bass Clef for the Theoreticians, record Babe Ruth: I-III in the lab, and begin the orchestration of same's final movement IV. Daybreak Dance / Feria (Turn Aside).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25 - Quickie

Ah, where do these three-day weekends go? ... obviously we know, but there it is, updating 21st-Century Music (items and recordings for 3/09) at while Harriet's at another Marriage of Figaro rehearsal (they didn't quite get betrothed as above),

eventually finishing the orchestration (all four pages total) of Babe Ruth: III. Canaanera; and a full year of blogging on blogspot (here and originally at -- and two years, since starting the picture-less one at myspace. The light gleams for an instant...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24 - Fair-Weather Freud

Home all day, while Harriet has a meeting with Jamie Robles re grants, it's time to begin the orchestration (first two pages) of Babe Ruth: III. Canaanera (Let Me Stay),

again, not to be confused with...

Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23 - Dreaming of Coastal Ghosts

Up at 9am, hoping to leave by 10 to arrive at Lisa Prosek's noonish, dropping off parts (instrumental, that is) for Sex and the Orchestra, Op. 171, but

1. Have to buy new print cartridge, so a Staples run -- taking 1/2 hour.

2. Computer does not recognize replacement (have to haul original out of bin to double check), then try again, and, lo, all is well -- 5 minutes.

3. Sibelius crashes during print of sax parts (no accounting for taste) -- another c. 5 minutes for turnaround, rebooting.

4. Check old computer while new is printing, and all sorts of messages from Bette and S., who have evidently forgotten my cell number -- S. in hospital in Phoenix for c. 2 weeks, so I wish her well -- a welcome 1/3 hour.

5. Updated printer generates darker copies, but much more slowly -- another half...

Out the door by 10:30, but decide parts must be printed at Kinko's, rather than mere printout, so another hour gone.

Call Lisa to let her know I'll be late -- a second message -- phone almost dead from earlier calls + iPod limping along on low battery (ah the trivial challenges), finally blitzing out, and eventually passing the Wine Guy on California 12,

before heading up the grade towards Sonoma.

Several strange turns later,

the corkscrew California 1 canyon of Cheney Gulch (what a name, out in the wheelchair with you... Klinghofferesque?...) leads to

Bodega Bay and harbor,

with the stormy Pacific finally in view north of Salmon Creek.

The sun occasionally pierces through, although seemingly not for the pictures, as the progression of coast ghostlies proceeds beachwise from Miwok

and Arched Rock,

to Carmet (ah, the difference one letter makes... or not...,) shivering in

wraiths of mist.

Housing crowds foolishly and selfishly on the coastside flank of Route One at Gleason Beach (coastal erosion happens), while inland all is open in Scotty Creek Valley, north of which

a spacious, stolid farm looks out at

at a prospect all its own,

just south of

Duncan's Cove

(yet a view free for all -- as opposed to one for, say $15... soon at

The road stays slightly inland of Wrights and

Shell Beach,

becoming a wide coastal terrace at the twin oedipian edifi of Gull Rock and Monadnock,

where, at the Goat Rock turn-off, the Jenner Highlands look down-turned

on the edenic/

semi-surreal lower Russian River Valley at Bridgehaven.

Over the bridge, looking to downstream's seastackish end,

can Jenner

be far away?

Indeed, it looms before us,

and we careen past Muniz ("Mooney's"[?!]) Ranches

to Russian Gulch,

up the somber Jenner Ridge switchbacks,

looking back on this beautiful/crazy coast,

inland to the beckoning Black Mountains backcountry

(violated lovingly by architecturally-splendiferous [and spendiferous] precious got-mines),

mounting the slopes to that childs-drawing of Meyers Grade Road

(look, Mom, here's the road, the trees, the grass, the sky),

to alternative worlds like the one-structure art-barn town of Seaview (independent wealth?),

and far onward to Lisa's


comfy-pianistic spread,

with its corridor view of the Fort Ross coast and

resident raven (looking somewhat Maltese, what?).

After business, chat, and lunch (I've made 5 violin / viola / electric guitar parts and no cello / bass / electric bass ones, but luckily have original printouts), a loop (the only musical one is on the iPod, the four-hours thus far of The Bible [including the Sex parts, or, shall we say, sections...]) is made down to Timber Cove, and Fort Ross's forlorn (certainly today, anyway, and, weatherwise, one supposes, most days) Kuskov House

and moss-encrusted/empathetic Chapel,

up curvaceous Jenner Ridge from the north

to the dark trianglar niches of Mill, Timber,

and Jewell Gulches (indeed, with bovines seemingly adhesively fastened),

yielding heroinic (damselly-drug-induced?) views south

to the the Russian River mouth and Goat Rock.

Last light perspectives- of-new-musical-Muniz-Ranches ridges,

a-terrible-thing-to-be-lonely-alone trees (when so many are lonely),

and the windswept/penetrated sandbar, and it's night (not that it hasn't been pretty all-fired dark all day...) once more (astride a grave...),

with only two more pages (11-12) of Babe Ruth: II. Moabitena to keep alive the mountainous glow.