Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2 - Touch the Dark Mountains

Begin the orchestration of Elijah Rock: II. Disguise Yourself (one page early, another late), and head off to Paul Dresher space in the rain to rehearse Sex and Delilah with Maria Mikheyenko (her first, in the title role) and Kristin Brown (as Angel/Manoah/Lion/Philistine, etc.) with Alexander Katsman and Skye Atman (her first, too), progressively at piano. Both progressive and retrogressive: we sing and stage (the latter in the hallway without accompaniment), although not at same time, but we do all of X. Delilah, previously having mostly favored VIII. Death and IX. Defeat).

Thereafter, take a brief walk in the striking gloom around Lake Merritt,

from the tired pine of the

Lakeshore-Hanover mini-redwood-park to the next available turnaround,

the precipitation threatening to recur on the grim water-shadow-casting sentinels of the Park Bellevue Tower and Bellevue Staten, while taking the lakeside path that had been closed last week.

Back to Dresher to provide moral support for Prodigal Songs (with a very impressive new second soprano, completing cast for the work, at least for present purposes) then take Harriet out for a late lunch / early dinner at a Szechwan place in Piedmont, returning home to do powerpoint libretto for the first of the Samson pieces to be presented at Fresh Voices IX the end of this month, which will be upon us anon.