Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11 - The World Askew Anew

Up early, helping Harriet get out on a job, and doing a bit of Journal work, then off to St. Mary's -- this the last week of regular classes, both here (with Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, first movement, complete, and excerpts from the rest of the piece, plus respective shorts from Sym 7 through 9: III.) and at Diablo Valey College (with dictations from Paul Desmond's Take Five presented by John and the Miles Davis Bitch's Brew thanks to Kyan, a nice board-harmony chord sequence from Austin, and fine compositions of Stephanie Geneza and Nate Thomas).

The lab eventually, after passing off various foks re keyboard-solfege re various old quizzes, with two more pages of orchestration re Elijah Rock: VI. Go (Elijah and Ahab), recording what's been done thus far, as well as V. Man (Elijah and the Widow's Son), briefest of coffee breaks with Doug, zipping home past the slant Poverty Hills,

the crooked lines of Lagoon Valley,

and the North Lagoons, the angled sun already goldening-out, and finishing Go instrumentalization before becoing totally horizontal.