Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31 - Consuming Passions

After the second theory exam, in the lab on 5/21, when working on recordings -- Michael referred to the "Eaten by Bears" Elisha story, so here it is: orchestrated, a dead-ringer (so to speak) for Animal Farm, Op. 76: Bears, based on three Bela Bartokian beasties.

Elijah Rock, Op. 71: XVIII. As (Bowls and Bears)

Also begin the orchestration of

XIX. Moab (Jehoshaphat and Jorem) before making moves towards Moraga --

down 80 towards a beam-up-or-down Sulfur Springs Sentinel smoketrail near Cordelia and

an exceedingly even-windier-than-normal 680 corridor --

against the prow of Long Barn and

sentient stelae.

By the time the Pleasant Hill Road exit is reached, there's fog ahead in Orinda, coursing across to Las Trampas Ridge, just beyond

St. Mary's. But it's time for a chilly walk, anyway, on the Lafayette-Moraga Trail

(parking at Del Monte and Del Rio)

from St. Mary's Garden with views to the clouds

northwest and

southeast (over the Gudde Ridge), to the crossing of

Moraga Road,

returning past street-wise Seussian allusions

and illusions of Southern California


and vision,

A retreat is made over Rheem Hill to DVC to finish the orchestration of XIX. Moab and record it, plus

XVII. You (Elijah and Elisha). Home late, nothing to be done, as the day has been devoured, swept up.