Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30 - It's All a Mystery

Finish the orchestration of Elijah Rock: XVI. Send (Ahaziah and Elijah) and a bit of Journal work before heading out to the

Briones-to-Mt.-Diablo Trail, east from

Larkey Park,

past the Lindsay Wildlife Museum and

opulent palms behind barbed wire fences,

to the path's intersection with the Contra-Costa Canal and Geary Boulevard, thus completing a semester's succession of strolls connecting St. Mary's and Diablo Valley Colleges. Ta-da.

Return past several snarlers

safely ensconced,

EBMUD pipes and

pines, in time to catch the

evening light on

Acalanes Ridge --

eucalypti, air-conditioners, and fences in the foreground --

palms, cypresses, and

cars waiting -- then to DVC to record Tritone Orchestra versions of

Elijah Rock, Op. 71

XII. King (Benhadad and Ahab)


XVI. Send (Ahaziah and Elijah)

Home again, orchestrating XVII. You (Elijah and Elisha).