Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18 - Baal Baca Bookends

Meanwhile, two more pages of Elijah Rock: VIII. Baal (The Prophets of Baal and the People) orchestrated before going out to deal with complicated banking problems locall, the Vaca Mountains impassive beyond. Bank incorrectly deposited last paycheck in savings rather than checking -- this on top of a new card that wasn't accessing accounts would have spelled for potentially disastrous times home and abroad had the Wisconsin trip gone forward.

Pick up the car, with costs not as brutal as expected, then down 1o1 toward Mt. Tamalpais,

over Puerto Suello hill (revealing the fogs of Southern Marin), and

along sometimes-palmy East Francisco Boulevard to

Celia's for 20th-Century Music III paper grading

against a tossed-yet-untroubled


though clearer on Mission Street past First Presbyterian Church

and Marin Academy,

checking the post box.

Despite, or because of the Inner East Bay weather, decide to take the loop home,

over (or is it under) the Bridge

to Point Richmond,

on 580 past

Albany Hill's (truly an "el cerrito")


finding more light through the Caldecott Tunnel near Round Top,

for visions of Mt. Diablo,

Renaissance brushwork over Pleasant Hill / Walnut Creek,



and the machinations of Benicia.

It's clearly and cloudily a viewful evening across the Bridge; past the

ghostly Mothball Fleet;

Wooded Top;

the Chinese Wall and

Dinosaur Ridge;

Windblown Hill;

the Sulfur Springs Mountains;

Fairfield Ridge;

Poverty Hills; and


Middle, and

North Lagoon Ridges;

all the way to the Vaca Mountains, near a gusty

Arco. Yet two more pages of Elijah: VIII. Baal orchestrated upon return.