Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 21 - Final Solutions

Second exam period for Diablo Valley College Music Theory, finishing up test and presenting final compositions, including Quin's delightful audience-participation work, with Cheuk Lam, Thomas, the composer, Tyler, Austin, Nathan, Xavier,

Matthew, Julian A., Phil, Chris K.,

John, Cody, Andrew,

Michael, Julian L.,

Will, Glendan, Samantha, Chris W., Matt,

Scott, Alana, and our wonderful pianist-associate; and many other excellent performances including guitar solos from

Cody and

Will, and

Samantha's heavenly harp.

Extended session in the lab, finishing the orchestration of and recording Elijah Rock: IX. Roar (Elijah and the People), then to

Chamber Arts to take in San Francisco Cabaret Opera rehearsals of The Touch with Dalyte and William,

The Golden Axe with Indre and

Wayne, all watched over by

Alex at the piano. After, there's even time to begin the orchestration (five pages thus far) of

Elijah: X. May (Jezebel and Elijah).