Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3 - Points and Lyings

Orchestrate another page of Elijah Rock: II. Disguise (Jeroboam's Wife and Ahijah), then Lisa calls about the upcoming San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra show, which motivates putting together

King David Suite (The Young and the Restless), Op. 174
I. O for the Wings of a Dove (Psalm 55)
II. Incantation (The Witch of Endor)
III. Song of the Forest of Ephraim (The Death of Absalom)

taking the Sibelius midi files and renotating in Encore -- worlds easier than doing the reverse.

Harriet out mid-day for more Fresh Voices IX rehearsals, and we dine together at home, after which orchestration through page six of Elijah: II.