Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13 - Last Light

Blast out the door for the last session of Music and the Enlightenment -- a blitz from Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9: IV through the influence of Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical to recent times (making it up to a new "Three B's" including Leonard Bernstein and the Beatles). Then last Theory session, with more Beethoven as Phil presents the "Moonlight" Sonata opening for dictation and Chris continues with same for board harmony. There's more dictation from Jacob in a trumpet version of a cello Camille Saint-Saens number, plus Julian Antonin's sight-singing of the Bill Conti "Rocky" Theme and an original Nate Thomas piece for additional harmonization. Last-minute compositions by Nate and Julian, then blitzing back to print out parts for King David Suite, and heading over the

slopes of the

Sulfur Springs Mountains,

to San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Board Soiree and Board Meeting we go, beginning with a recording the Alexis Alrich (great to have her back, albeit briefly, from Hong Kong + who's that guy with the hair?) Marimba Concerto followed by I. Death and II. Defeat from Sex and Delilah, singing the part of Samson and displaying the pictorial libretto. Lingering after with Michael Cooke and Erling Wold, we go over details re conducting their A Baby Sleeps and In the Stomach of Fleas respectively (and, no, there's no thematic relationship between these works), then home to produce another orchestrated page of Elijah Rock: VII. Rise (Elijah and the Prophets of Baal) before lights out.