Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6 - Visions of Dark and Light

Journal work in the early morn as Harriet heads out for a job, following suit to St. Mary's for an overview of Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 1 through 4, then to DVC, with Mt. Diablo shrouded (12:15pm), for student presentations -- Samantha with a lovely Irish folksong dictation, Xavier for board harmony, and Scott and Michael showcasing fine sight-singing examples -- plus excellent student compositions and a live/recorded version of Street Songs: Extension Cords.

After class, analysis of William's beautiful chords, which are doing double duty as a composition to be presented and a dictation given. The lab follows, orchestrating more pages of Elijah Rock: II. Rehoboam Died (A Chronology), and recording III. and IV. thus far, then back out (7:15pm), Diablo and

foothills still glowering and shining in the inner East Bay metro evenlight,

in consort with the moon,

past Walnut Creek's semi-skyscrapic beacons, and onward to Chamber Arts to drop off the piano bench that somehow didn't make it back from Dioclesian/Diocletian, checking directions online and retrieving cellphone calls (activities unknown years back), picking up Kristin at Rockridge Bart, and beyond to Nanette's for Sex and Delilah, with Maria as well, so all four of us for the first time, and we have a wonderful rehearsal, with a routine of singing to the audio files (in performance we should be live with Alex Katsman), working a capella on staging, then putting it all together for each of the three movments.

I. Death
II. Destruction
III. Delilah

Take Kristin home to Mt. Davidson area of San Francisco, finally back through Marin, arriving late, with one more page of instrumentation for Elijah: III before giving up the day and night.