Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4 - Blues in the Day and Night

Up early helping Harriet load the Dioclesian/Diocletian costumes into the car, as she departs for a job, following suit, shall we say, down the occasionally rainy freeways like clockwork to St. Mary's, where three of the four Enlighteners show up quite early and the fourth not at all for the W.A. Mozart Symphony No. 40 and the first movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 1, then DVC for student teaching:

Andrew - dictation, Elton John: Lion King
(with a nice F major / D minor polarity reminiscent of
Costanzo Festa's Quando Ritrovna and
Paul McCartney's Yesterday)

Matt - board harmony, Mastodon
(all variant Dm / Eb chords in contrary motion with neighbor C's in bass line, also played on stereo in the "bonus track" instrumental version, with connections to the predominance of vocal music in American popular and Indian classical traditions)

Cheuk Lam - sight-singing/conducting, an evocative pop song
(same key and relations as Lion King, etc.)

Tyler - sight-singing/conducting, a bluesy 80's number
(with harmony F#: I iv bVII [!])

Fine student compositions by Thomas Magleby, Quin Sales-Lee, and Nate Sturtevant (allusions to twelve keys around the cirlce of 5ths, with a concluding I #IV I a la conclusion of Stravinsky Firebird).

Extended session with Scott in the vacant classroom, since Bruce's class is off gamelaning across campus. Mr. Zhang takes Quiz 14; I orchestrate several more pages of Elijah: II. Disguise, then record I. Turn and thus far of II., over coffee with Doug adjacent to the lab.

More rain on the way home. While this is supposed to be the dry system, perhaps drought can be dodged. Seemingly impossible to avoid is finishing Disguise and starting the instrumentalization of III. Jeroboam Died (A Chronology), which is a blues on what turns out to be an invention on a blues scale in Alban Berg's Wozzeck: Act III, Scene 4.