Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14 - Wisconsin or Bust

Seemingly takes forever to leave -- Journal, email, house-cleaning, car-cleaning, but at last at 2pm head out the door for Wisconsin, I-80 most of the way, past the cliffs of Gold Run,

into the high country of Emigrant and

Yuba Gaps,

over Donner Summit

(originally Euer Saddle,

south of Castle Peak), and down the

Canyon -- the Transcontinental Railroad knifing through the still-heavy north-face snow.

By contrast, Truckee Meadows and environs are in the clear,

all the way


the Upper Canyon to

the sere and

seasonally green slopes of

suburban Reno and

Sparks ("Nevadarks?").

Beyond forelorn establishments

framed vistas,

the Lower Canyon Cliffs

fan out into

Fernley Valley, and

the Carson and

Humboldt Sinks,

where a train races

against impassive


Beyond stops at


the agricultural desert beckons and

bewilders, as the "check engine" light comes on,

forcing a turnaround, alas,

through shadows of the