Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23 - Powerful, Clean, Shining

Board meeting for San Francisco Cabaret Opera, heading with Harriet south in the new vehicle, making for clearer shots of a North Lagoon / Vaca Mountains sunset than has been the case (still with the iPhone camera, however, rather than the more legit Fuji).

Before this, repare for publication and do visual libretto for Sex and the Bible: The Opera (Part I): 5. Abraham and Isaac: II. The Separation (fourth strain), compose page 9 of Pini di Surriento, orchestrate page 4 of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XXIV. Beelzebub, along with some 21st-Century Music work.

Then the slant southwest through Lagoon Valley to

Berkeley's Chamber Arts with Cynthia, Eliza,

and H followed by dinner with all of above at

Paul and Ann's Restaurant opposite

the Claremont,

returning in the dark four-door night to do the song-and-dance for

SATB: Abraham:

IV. The Covenant
/ V. The Slave Girl