Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11 - Gathering Solidarity with Patrick

8:30 in the morning, and am awakened by the phone (which in a morning haze, perceive as the alarm -- but, no, the iPhone has been programmed with a different ring: sonar, rather than the antique telephone of a call) -- and as it's shut off, can be heard a voice. A call back almost immediately, and it's Patrick, who has finally arrived from the Netherlands, after the plane, low on fuel (or "out of gas," as he puts it), has to divert to Maine, rather than initially touching down in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). This is learned much later, for now it's "I need to be rescued," and he's had a rough night of it at some what-turns-out-to-be divy hotel in Oakland that reveals itself to be a den of thieves and criminals hangout, mother, with drug deals and prostitution all around (on top of all this, his cell phone's not working, and he's had to borrow one just to make these calls).

So we leap to action, and Harriet kindly goes to the rescue, allowing general catch-up and the orchestration of page 5 of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XIX. The Twelve, finally heading southwest in due time, past the last sun of the day at the southwestern slope of the South Lagoons

and hitting a wall of fog and clouds from Fairfield and thence on to Montclair to rendezvouis with H, P, and Cynthia for an early dinner a Mexican spot in Montclair. Patrick proves to be great company, as engaging as his wonderful music, and we are well set to embark on the final performance (at least for now) at Flux 53

with the cast getting to meet the composer for the first time. And the composer getting to

hear his music from our wonderful cast likewise. He is clearly moved, and we are clearly relieved that all is well, since he had such a dubious start for this California adventure (by now Harriet and Cynthia have assisted in his move to the Emeryville Hilton).

The performance is our best yet -- still not perfect (is every anything?), but pretty close -- and a

great time is had by all, with another fine house.

Upon return, prepare for publicationa and do the visual libretto for Sex and the Bible: The Opera (Part I)...from The Creation...III. Let the Waters be Gathered.