Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19 - Gathering Storm Clouds

Harriet out on a job and there's work to do catching up on the Journal (starting the December 2009 issue), before the light and shadow of the Port Costa Hills, across the Carquinez Strait, leads straight to

Diablo Valley College for a dictation and keyboard-solfege (the latter just the opening second-inversion tonic triad arpeggio with the upper neighbor sixth), also presenting Arthur Rimbaud from Henry Miller in Brooklyn as a case of Habanera / Pirate Jenny major-minor collisions, including the video with Diana Landau.

Finish up the orchestration of

The Gospel According to St. Matthew

XXII. Come Unto Me

record it, as well as

For My Brother For My Brother

XI. It Is Fitting,

the latter enlightened by storm-crossing, coffee-carrying Doug, who tips that the rappers tend to record three overdubs of themselves, and, lo, it kinda works....

Then out into more lights and

shadows to orchestrate Gospel Matthew: XXIII. The Questions, compose page 5 of Pini di Surriento: IV. Torna a Via Appia, and prepare for publication and do visual libretto for

Sex and the Bible: The Opera (Part I): ...from Abraham and Isaac... II. The Separation (first strain thus far).