Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26 - Lights, Sounds, Actions

Page 6 of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XXIV. Beelzebub orchestrated, plus some journal work (also glad to hear hear from Marty Rokeach, re teaching at St. Mary's again next semester), while Harriet's out on a job, and before the brisk jaunt pass Stonewind Hill on this the first day of the new commuting car. The Theoreticians get the first 16 bars of The Sound of Music: Do-Re-Mi, appropriately enough, for dictation, harmony, and keyboard solfege. Doug's on the coffee run and then assists as one of two saints in the uploading of second saint Steve Sage's gift of Orchestra Jam Pack sounds for Garageband. They take up a fair amount of space on the laptop, but are nevertheless very welcome -- still a bit quirky/raucous in relation to the resonant Triton sounds, but will do in a pinch when the lab is not available (in eccentric column, log that the pack has solo French horn and tuba, but only trumpet and trombone "sections" + still no really satisfactory vocal sound among the default instruments, Boldt, or OJP -- and the solo woodwinds are significantly softer and less realistic than the impressive pizzicato strings and very welcome mallet percussion). Finish the orchestration (through page 12) of

The Gospel According to St. Matthew:

XXVI. Beelzebub

and record same in several versions, the above being the Tritone Orchestra rendition, after having seriously considered a Garbage Band percussive variant.

Lights off and on in the world (artificial and

otherwise), make a pilgrimage to Radio Shack, per Doug's recomendation -- certainly a reasonable choice for a quick audio hardware pickup -- and purchase a 3-foot double eighth-inch cable to connect the iPod iPhone to the new Yaris's stereo system. What a difference, and pleasure!

Home in enhanced sterophonic environment, doing the publication-preparation for Sex and the Bible: 5. Abraham and Isaac: XI. The Sacrifice and composing page 12 of Pini di Surriento: IV. Torna a Via Appia.