Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10 - All in Flux

Write the press release for SFCCO's Haunted House Science Fiction Quiz Show (November 7 at Chapel of the Chimes), and orchestrate page 4 of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XIX. The Twelve orchestrated before we are out the door in the

setting sun of the Lagoon

and South Lagoon Mountains,

careening into the sunset

and fog of Orinda, through the Caldecott to

Flux 53 Theatre for the third performance of

Solidarity with

Nora, Keisuke, Julia,

John (who serves incredible double duty on accordion while running the visuals),




a sculptural monster,

et. al (including some of the Flux crew for box office and photos), with

a stellar performance and full house including Beth Henry and Alan Crossman.

On the way down, hit upon a notion of how to finalize the selections of The Bible which will constitute Sex and the Bible: treat the scenes as if excerpts from a listing in the Internet Adult Film Database, i.e.


Questions to ask re any particular movement's inclusion in the work.

Is there a depictive legacy of sensuality? (this will be important for the visual libretto, referencing art through the centuries)

Are there reproductive behaviors in evidence? (well, after all...)

With these parameters in mind, begin a file to tabulate above, beginning as...

Op. 169 SEX AND THE BIBLE: THE OPERA (Part I) (2009)
Sextets for Voices and Instruments



...III. Let the Waters be Gathered

God Soprano, God Alto
God Tenor, God Bass
Creation of Life

...VII. Let Us Make Man

God Soprano, God Alto
God Tenor, God Bass
Creation of Adam and Eve

(the division of the role of the almighty into multiple singing parts, in the tradition of Igor Stravinsky in The Flood, etc.)