Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5 - Ghost Journey

Prepare delivery of the Elijah Ghost parts and begin mailing out semi-current journals. Before this, Harriet out the door early on a job and I awake relatively late, having been up most of the night dealing with various projects.

Astoundingly, there's enough time to trade VCR's (H has two and I've been down to none, and really need one, since cuing video still is more efficient for class than waiting for DVD's to decide to play), extricate-salvage an old tape stuck in the old machine, and deal with some other items that have seen better days.... such as, still in the incredulous mode, picking up a replacement pair of shoes at local emporium in about 5 minutes.

Finally, off to Diablo Valley College for dictation and board harmony on Frederic Chopin's Piano Prelude No. 4 in E Minor, plus scales including F natural and harmonic minor, and the chromatic (the latter ascending in sharps and descending in flats).

Pass off some student quizzes and adjurn to lab to record

The Gospel According to St. Matthew, Op. 85:

XVI. The Tax Collector

XVII. Jairus's Daughter and the Woman with the Issue of Blood


For My Brother For My Brother, Op. 56

5. VI. In Hollow Closets

Heading out from DVC, past the lonely evening light of

Mt. Diablo, towards a Berkeley replacement and San Francisco, stop off at Christopher's Books on Potrero Hill to special order the volume Sex in the Bible (for ideas as to what specific selections will be presented in the premiere of Sex and the Bible: The Opera this spring),

then make the way near Monterey Avenue and St. Francis Wood to


door (via iPhone's maps, and a serendipidous call -- so much for the map collection!) to drop off Elijah, and am graciously invited to a robust repast of pasta,

convivial company and conversation at his


sumptuous spread.

Home late, but eventually orchestrate a second page of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XVIII. Two Blind Men, a trope on Pierre de La Rue's Missa L'Homme Arme: Kyrie I mensuration canon, substituting pitches from Thomas Ravenscroft's Three Blind Mice