Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29 - Throughline

A full day,

finishing up on the San Francisco peninsula before returning to point of origin, beginning with

the orchestration for The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XXVI. The Return, plus Journal laborings, meandering to Diablo Valley College for Quiz 12 with the Theoreticians, with chord cycles et al drawn from Duke Ellington, Bela Bartok, John Cage, Jester Hairston, and Richard Rodgers.

As the Bay Bridge is closed again (something about i-bars, or even eyebars...),

the San Mateo seems the most rational alternative (featuring views north across the Bay of San Bruno Mountain, Mt. Tamalpais and San Francisco), and with traffic heavy north on both 101 and

280 at Crystal Springs,

make the way to Half Moon Bay over the

Coast Range and

pumpkin fields with enough time to take a walk on a

frontage road north of town

(with ocean vistas,




church, and

more seasonal

set-to's), part of a series of connecting day hikes south from Tomales Point in Marin County (at this rate, will reach the Mexican border in c. 350 years...).

North past other pumpkin

provenances to


Mountain and


Slide (more views of Mt. Tam --

below and

above Pacifica's Rockaway Beach --

and San Bruno),

it's the first rehearsal of the Haunted House Science Fiction Quiz Show concert for the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra, and we are assembled eventually fully for

Mark Alburger - Elijah Ghost

Erling Wold - Sweet Encumbrance (featuring a long-distance cellphone listening)

David Verotta - Death Will Come and Have Your Eyes

Lisa Scola Prosek's Roma,

plus music by Michael Cooke,

Gerhard Samuel, and

Philip Freihofner.

A good time is had by all

(despite timpanic mishaps), and in the case of


too good.

Return through Marin with no appreciable traffic (despite iPhone warnings) to do the publication-preparation and visual libretto to Sex and the Bible: The Opera: 5. Abraham and Isaac: XIV. The Death and compose page 15 of Pini di Surriento: IV. Torna a Via Appia.