Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6 - Tempus, Animus, Veritas, Mors

... And we all know time...

Again up absurdly late, and again Harriet out early, and again there's time to get out journals, and again...

Theory dictation and board harmony is Giuseppe Verdi's Triumphal March from Act II of Aida, plus diminished seventh chords and their ambiguity (as well as that of the augmented triads) -- we break slightly early under slightly difficult conditions -- better luck next time -- then a blitz to the bank and lunch/lot-o-paper-grading at Peking-Tokyo followed by

evening class of late Baroque from J.J. Fux through Antonio Vivaldi, G.F. Handel, J.S. Bach, and Domenico Scarlatti --

folks really doing quite well on the

ramped-up quizzes,

calmly getting ready for Classical

next week. A third orchestrated page of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XVIII. Two Blind Men before the little death.