Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9 - Fixed and Moveable in the Whole Earth

Music from J.J. Fux

to J.S. Bach in History class, then Quiz 3 for the Pianists, departing for

Brisbane, nestled below

the often-fogblocking northeast slope of San Bruno Mountain, to rendezvous with

Suzanna Mizell and record her Curley's Wife parts in

[Maria Mikheyenko (Lennie)
Suzanna Mizell (Curley's Wife)
Marilyn Pratt (Offstage Soprano)]

Mice Suites, Op. 68

[Suzanna Mizell
Wayne Wong (George)
Maria Mikheyenko
Alexandra Jerinic (Candy)]

V. Breathsong

V. Tartsong I

[Wayne Wong
Erin Lahm (Slim)
Maria Mikheyenko]

VI. Tartsong II

VIII. Dancesong

IX. Deathsong I

X. Deathsong II

XII. Hartsong

Home roundabout via 101 south,

380 west, south of San Bruno;

then north on 280, Skyline through Ft. Funston (where only shreds of fog skirt overhead to gather instead on the San Francisco ridgeline);

the Great Highway towards Seal Rocks, Mt. Tamalpais, the Marin Headlands, Cliff House, and Sutro Heights;

through Richmond, Lincoln Park,

Seacliff, and the Presidio, over the Golden Gate,

up 101 through Marin (the Big Rock Ridge et. al.),

over the Sonoma farmlands of 37 and beyond, where Harriet and another orchestrated page of The Opera of Daniel: VII. The Lions' Den await.