Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14 - Hot Time in the Old Town

Harriet heads up to Washington on a very warm Bastille Day (as Matthew Swartz reminds us in History), with music from F.J. Haydn's late works (including excerpts from Missa in tempore belli, Trumpet Concerto, and String Quartet No. 62 ["Emperor"] through Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 4; then John Cage's Music for Marcel Duchamp and the second half of the Beatles Eleanor Rigby, among other delights, for the Pianists.


Esther Xerxes, Op. 78


(a generic Middle Eastern dance [16th-8th-16th-8th-8th] of an altered G.F. Handel's Xerxes: Ouverture -- synthetic scale of Lydian Harmonic Minor... Do-Re-Me-Fi-Sol-Le-Ti-Do)

in the lab, with Doug back on the coffee run; returning to orchestrate the first seven pages of Esther: I. "Bring Queen Vashti" -- making a bike-and-pool run in the Southwest Asian relative cool of the evening after the setting sun.