Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8 - Burning Bright

No Tygers or William Blake, although we do play excerpts from near-contemporary W.A. Mozart (re Amadeus), before rewinding to music from Samuel Voelckel to Henry Purcell in Music History class; then general review in Piano from Amazing Grace to Igor Stravinsky Five Fingers: I. and some new pieces. Zooming past the Richmond refineries and over the Bridge -- paper-grading at Celia's, postbox, etc., serve as prelude to the San Francisco jaunt for another

SF Composers Chamber Orchestra Salon at Lisa Scola Prosek's, with music of Loren Jones, Lisa, Eduard Prosek and a friend (above), plus the first four selections of

Elijah Rock, Op. 71

OUVERTURE (Rehoboam and Jeroboam)

I. QUARTETTO - Turn (The Man of God from Judah and the Old Prophet of Bethel)

II. DUETTO - Disguise (Jeroboam's Wife and Ahijah)

III. ARIA - Rehoboam (Chronology and Call)

the last performed twice by request. Very impressive compatriot music all around, and record Ed/friend and Lisa, with their permissions, to use in a rendition of

A Walk Through California, Op. 151

XXXVIII. San Francisco (SFCCO Room and Board)

(created later at home) which also includes excerpts of Composers Chamber Orchestra meeting that follows at Erling Wold's, with aforementioned plus Michael Cooke.

A good time is had by all, and we go into that good night, returning also to orchestrate another page of The Opera of Daniel, Op. 73: VII. The Lions' Den.