Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4 - O Se Kan U Si

Awake to the colors of Carson City, Nevada, with

two chairs

for the



and blue;

departing past quaint museums




south to the Sierra,

curving west

up the

semi-arid slopes

to the shores of

Lake Tahoe,

through Cave Rock Tunnel and the Stateline casino gauntlet

to Californian truth-in-advertising coffee.

Re-en(blueberry)sconced, we proceed again, against the flow of traffic,

past checkpoints and

the checkered pointilism of

granitic slopes curving over Echo Summit and

down into views of the

Desolation Wilderness,

with Pyramid Creek at full flow, in the bracing aquamarine sun reflected off of


Bald (we can relate) Mountain,

Eagle Rock, and

Sugarloaf, the latter precariously above exotic/downhome Kyburz.

Careening through Placerville's

crosswalks and


walls, we near

the familiar ridges of home, orchestrating the rest of The Opera of Daniel: VI. The Procession of Darius and beginning to do the same for

VII. The Lions' Den as the rockets' red glare roars all around, thankful for

location, location.