Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31 - First Things Second

Blitz to the Walnut Creek Apple Store early to see what can be done about the noisy laptop fan, park in the nearest space to the site, am assisted immediately (despite being five minutes late) and given ten minutes for a quick fix, which is all the time available, anyway. Apparent remedy is to download eight updates (tried this in the early am and was not successful) which is done on the spot -- however, it takes about a half-hour, so, after completion, roar to the car and make the way back to Diablo Valley College and expectant students waiting to turn in last-minute work and have conferences, etc. All's said and done by 2:50pm, then return to the auto, quick lunch stop, and through the Caldecott Tunnel for a meeting with Harriet, Molly, and other friendly folks at Flux in Oakland, where we make arrangements to present Patrick Dailly's Solidarity in October and my Sex and the Bible: The Opera in March 2010.

Snack at a taqueria adjacent to the theatre (including a vampiro -- blood-red fruit drink of tomatos, carrots, et al.), across from Foothill Boulevard facades,

then through and over the hills to Moraga (second time on Pinehurst Road in 24 hours [after a more than 10-year hiatus], and in clearer weather than yesterday) and home and a third orchestrated page of Esther Xerxes: X. Proclamation Issued.