Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18 - Between Glorious Gates and Walls

Two more pages of orchestration for Esther Xerxes: III. When King Nebuchadnezzar and some Journal work (in progress at before blasting east on another semi-blast-furnace-of-a-day for paper grading at Tio Pepe's in Auburn, then downslope towards

the confluence of the American River North Fork and Middle Fork Canyons


Foresthill Bridge

through chaparral

and digger pines

past Everybody's Inn,

and beyond to Mosquito Ridge Road (which lives up to its name in the evening) with views east,

south, and


The walk, picking up from three Saturdays ago (connected strolls have led from the Bay Area, across the Central Valley, and through the comfortable relations of the Foothills to this point -- with a two-part gap to fill in from Driver's Flat Road to Foresthill), is downslope from Robinson FR with scrimmed views of French Meadows Reservoir (the hikes will eventually lead beyond) and

Sierra ridges, the last on MR proper and finally off the Greek Store topo quadrangle,

in a tangle of burned forest, returning west in the alternately cool-warm (forest vs. chaparral / canyon vs. ridge) dusk of

the North Fork of the Middle Fork American River Canyon for more adventures, including two more orchestrated pages of Esther: III (for a total of six thus far).