Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7 - Taking It All In

Music History class from Josquin des Pres to Thomas Morley, Piano though the first selection of Igor Stravinsky's Five Fingers, then down to Rheem, grading papers at Mandarin Flower until battery power runs out, recharging briefly and heading out with deer raiding the plantation to

Rancho Laguna Park for a

viewful loop on the Old Moraga Ranch Trail

(by now, neither old nor ranch-like, apparently seriously re-routed to avoid

suburban and rural private property in a roller-coaster of irrational, non-hikerly ups-and-downs) to the

grassy Rimer (according to all the maps but Rhimer on the signs) Creek Saddle's

views of Valle Vista,

picking up the honest Rocky Ridge route,

past a very tired snake (a la Saturday Night Live's dog Skippy and the mailman) over

King Canyon highlands

returning towards point of origin and the

path's namesake via

Brown Ranch Valley

with incoming fog in the

shadows of the

setting sun, and

distant (dots nice)


in cacaphonous clangor, which must be recorded briefly on the laptop (can only tease out about 2 minutes of power, in two takes) and edited overnight as

A Walk Through California: Contra Costa (Cows and Crickets).

Retreating from the sinister


a connector trail

veers away from

forbidden zones back to the

post-commute crowd at the park, after which it's time to join the late throngs on Route 24 towards

Mt. Diablo, orchestrating another page of The Opera of Daniel: VII. The Lions' Den upon return.