Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19 - Balancing Act

Finish the orchestration of Esther Xerxes: III. "When King Nebuchadnezzar" and head down to Pleasant Hill to El Morocco to grade papers, an interrupted intermezzo when belly dancers appear -- not expected, but not unwelcome. After a little participation theatre, break stride at

Dinosaur Hill in time for the

last rays on Mt. Diablo,

then retrace steps to the lab to complete the quiz evaluations (through Late Medieval Music, which, appropriately, includes some Middle Eastern selections) and record above, i.e.

Esther Xerxes, Op. 78: III. SINFONIA E SCENA - "When King Nebuchadnezzar"

returning home to begin instrumentizing

EX: IV. DUETTO - "Bigthana and Teresh" (The Plot Against Xerxes).