Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6 - The Dance of Life and Death

"It is as if someone were beating you with a stick saying, 'Our business is rejoicing!'" or words to that effect, from Dmitri Shostakovich (or supposedly so, if Testament is to be credenced). And so it goes (Kurt Vonnegut). There it is (The Amadeus Emperor Joseph). Ah! (Samuel Beckett).

And we'll go on (B. or take your pick of existentialists), with music from the Monty Pythonesque flagellants (one must endeavor to say this word correctly re these c. 1300 penitents at the time of the raging Black Death) to

Josquin des Pres for the Historians and through the A dorian

Bela Bartok piece three from For Children for the Pianists.

Sub-zero lunch at bookstore, picking up coffee for denizens of the lab, then transition to same to record The Opera of Daniel: VI. Belshazzar's Feast and orchestrate through first half of VII. The Lion's Den, and finishing a sound-file of that as well.

Home in the shadows of the Chinese Wall,

Four-Tree Hill,

Fairfield Pyramids, and the

ever-present North Lagoons, beginning part two orchestration of Lion's and hitting the bike-and-pool routine with Harriet in the slightly-less-chill of the half-light.