Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30 - Another Green Blue Tan Day

Print out the parts for the fourth movement of Elijah Ghost, and blast off to DVC for a pre-season Franz Xaver Gruber Silent Night as dictation and board harmony, with a little contrapuntal/chromatic spin on Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto Quartet and Storm, some form analysis (including W.A. Mozart Sonata in C of yesterday), and Will Eukel's intriguing chromatic / whole-tonish modulatory Composition 2. Break camp briefly for the


Union, for a meeting with Bill Oye, then back to make a performance version and Garbage Band recording of

For My Brother For My Brother:

3.Dressing Up I.-IV.

-- in the lab, but not of the lab, created completely on the laptop -- using the Tascam as a tabletop and a sound booth simply as a reasonably sound-proof chamber.

Return via

Wooded Top,

Stonewind and

Parish West Canyons,

the occluded Chinese Wall and Dinosaur Ridge,

Fairfield Pyramids,

Poverty Hills, and

Central (moony) and

North Lagoon Mountains to orchestrate The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XVI. The Tax Collector (pages 8-14).