Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14 - The Space Between

Write up the SF Symphony Opening Night Gala review at, also to be published this Friday in Commuter Times and eventually 21st-Century Music and, then

beyond (with the iPhone, rather than iPod, for music, camera, traffic, weather, etc. -- unexpectedly "shuffled" at one point, but then with a solution found), to Diablo Valley College for dictation on Louis Borgeois's Old Hundredth, plus chords in C and G Major, and the A Natural and Melodic Minor Scales. After passing off a few late quizzes, there's an extended session in the lab, recording Tritone Orchestra versions of


II. The People That Walked in Darkness

III. The Call

V. The Salt of the Earth

VI. The Sermon

VIII. Ask and You Shall Receive

IX. The Two Builders

Home in the dizzy shadows of evening, the iPhone and felt-air temperatures not necessarilly in concord (in Concord and elsewhere), to join Harriet for some crazy show on the tube and in-house partly while re-organizing sound files and writing another page of orchestration for X. The Miracles.