Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1 - Reviewing the Situation



(King of Heaven) is the dictation and board harmony for the Theoreticians, featuring parallel, oblique, and contrary motion (finally figure out how to get the new computer working with the visual display in the classroom).

Paper grading follows at China Garden and 101, where Jazz and Pop Vocal Workshop is wrapping it up for the day.

The Music


class covers selections from the beginnings of Ethiopian Orthodoxy (c. 300) through Charlemagne (800), including a fair number of Gregorian chants and Islamic Middle Eastern pieces, with the listening for next week being

Gregorian Chant - Kyrie IV
Morocco - Lala Fatima
France - Bombardes et Binious (the album's first selection)

Doug, Owen, and I head out to Elephant Bar, which looks like it will be our substitute Left Bank, then decamp for home and a second orchestrated page of John and Salome: VI. "Ah, Marvellous."