Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20 - All in a Day's Work

Orchestrate The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XIV. The Gadarene Demonaic[s] (Trope Rap),

take a dip with Harriet, and write a letter of recommendation for Hiroaki Asakawa, misspelling his first name until he flags it in the draft.

Correct it, of course, but afterwards relate to him, upon his gracious re-assurance that it was "no problem"...


"Actually, it was a comedy of errors here.

First off, I realize that I have been basically mispronouncing your name all these years -- again sorry!

Had a friend back in college named Hiro -- so there's really no excuse that I shouldn't have been more observant.

Anyway, corrected the letter... or thought I did...

Resigned it... pens have a way of disappearing on me (you probably remember I'm a pencil person from theory...)

Ultimately went through three pens, all of which had to be "exercised" before writing properly.

One probably should have been exorcised, since it jammed in a sliding shelf upon replacement, pinching connection to old mouse cable on old computer...

Printer has been hazardous, but worked... all three times (see below)...

Sealed up letter in the only envelope I could find (Harriet has a stash, 'cause she writes the bills, but was asleep) after a semi-extensive search...

Discovered I had failed to correct the last misspelling of your name...

Corrected it, printed out again, same absurd ballet re yet another pen (all buried way back in a kind of drawer...)

Re-opened letter, cutting finger.

Put in the revised letter (double checking as I did -- I have been known to recycle a revision and reseal a superceeded draft)

Couldn't reseal envelope, needed scotch tape, which took a while to find, further jamming the strange sliding shelf above.

But it's done! All I have to do is not misplace it until I see you tomorrow (a tall order), so feel free to print out the copy you have, just to be on the safe side...

PS1 Oh yes, and even sending you the draft of the letter proved a challenge!
Wrote it on Word, but then when pasting it in Mac Mail, it suddenly was all double-spaced...
Ultimately had to "wash" the document of whatever strange formatting was infected it by pasting it into a standard gmail file and then cutting and pasting into a new "uninfected" Mac Mail message.

PS2 And finally, as I wrote above a large bug just crawled across the bottom of the computer... So I better call it quits for the day before a tree falls on the house, or something..."


Double check with SFCCO that the instrumentation of the November 2009 concert will be --

2113 1000 2Pf 4Perc 10110 --

and begin Elijah Ghost (Suite from Elijah), Op. 176.