Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13 - What Dreams!

Off to Sacramento's

Arden Fair

Apple Store

for a One-to-One session (connecting the Mail of old laptop to Harriet's account -- and it actually works [never did on that computer] -- getting new Mail connection to gmail [now IMAP as well as POP... did not know the difference last week, yet now seems essential], learning a workaround to iTunes' insistance on renaming audio files with track names, finding no answer to why searches do not lead in alphabetical results). After this, Rob finds a way to schedule a Genius Bar appointment right away to find out why the iPhone is not recognized by the Mac, but temporary disaster strikes: updates fail and the word is that computer will need to be left for several days. Not exactly the scenario imagined in the morning, and an agreement is ultimately reached that the work will be done within a few hours; so off to lunch and paper grading at the

El Torrito

bar, picking up the restored new laptop with the help of Sophia,

heading back

through the

gray. But the light shines again upon return finding that, yes, the iPhone now communicates with the computer -- once again, amazing as the phone syncs with the address book, calendar, and begins to function as an iPod as well, but one with perhaps a better interface, plus the option to hear music without benefit of earbuds/headphones -- all this while watching a program on sunny

Death Valley with Harriet. Later, writing up recommendations for Indre, the printer no longer responds to the computer, but actually figure out how to fix this by looking at settings on the old laptop (for a while, thought the only solution would be to email attachments from new to old and then print). Only glitch: Photosmart scanner now does not work (might have to do the email ballet after all, but in reverse). On the other hand, google "importing photos from iPhone to Mac" and successfully learn how to do that, too.

Finish the orchestration of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: IX. The Two Builders and begin same for X. The Miracles.