Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2 - Tete a Tete

Finish the orchestration of John and Salome: VI. "Ah, Marvellous" before a theory dictation based on the

Orkney Islands

Hymn to

St. Magnus.

Emergency coffee in the lab (possibly Doug's last run -- the local spot is closing absurdly early), do all the orchestrating of J&S: VII. Bring Me the Head, and record this and above with the Tritone Orchestra.


VI. BLUES TROPE - "Ah, Marvellous!"

VII. DIRGE - "Bring Me the Head"

Home under the evening skies near the Port Costa Hills,

the Quarry,

the absurdly distant Solano Potrero Hills,

Trash and

Stonewind Valleys,

Wooded Top,

the Suburbs,

Chinese Wall and Dinosaur Ridge,

Twin Sisters,

Cordelia Hill,

the Fairfield Vaca Foothills and


Three-Oak Hill,

South Lagoon Mountains,

North Paradise Valley,

Poverty Hills, and

North Lagoon

and Vaca Mountains,

in the occluded

sun to do the bike-and-pool with Harriet and begin the orchestration of

The Beatitudes (Blessed Are), Op. 81.