Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18 - Where the Pavement Ends

It's been several years of on-and-off dayhiking east, across the Central Valley and into the Sierras on trails and roads, and, after quite a long time on the Mosquito Ridge Road, the pavement ended today at about 7:30pm. From here, there will probably be several more gravel road hikes, then the trail to Crest, after which will reach same by the Lake Tahoe side -- additionally two long stretches need to be filled in between Drivers Flat and Foresthill.

Before that, it was beginning the orchestration of The Gospel According to St.Matthew: XII. The Would-Be Followers; paper grading al fresco at Bootlegger's Old Town Tavern over calimari, Dead Guy Ale, and

Auburn's prospects;

Foresthill Road

over the Bridge; and beyond to

French Meadows Reservoir.

There's enough light to walk from near the first campground,

past rocky prominences, by the

crossing of the

upper Middle Fork of

American River before the

straight way is lost in


Returning below Chipmunk Ridge to complete the instrumentalizing of Would-Be Followers.