Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12 - Green Roads All the Way

Finish the orchestration of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: VIII. Ask and You Shall Receive (after an old original from youth -- in Dorian "Natural/Harmonic" -- somewhat mapped on Steve Reich's The Desert Music) before making our way with Harriet down the I-80 corridor (as opposed to 680, under the influence of the iPhone topo-traffic map suggesting the former has only a yellow stretch, as opposed to the latter's yellow and red before the Caldecott -- neither color shown above, since photo taken in the vehicular dead of night), for another San Francisco Cabaret Opera

rehearsal (with almost everyone, and moving towards off-book) at Chamber Arts of Patrick Dailly's

Solidarity, accompanied by

Keisuke Nakagoshi and

John Bilotta. A bit of rain on the way home, high winds, a feeling of fall, beginning to orchestrate

IX. The Two Builders (a white-note trope of Anton Webern's Cantata No. 1: I).