Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27 - Solidarity

Whoops, they spelled Cabaret wrong, but it's nice to be on the marquee anyway. Big success at Live Oak with impressive crowd and premier performances from all for the World Premiere of

Patrick Dailly's Solidarity (with Dalyte, Eliza, Erick, Harriet, Indre, John, Julia, Justin, Keisuke, Kristen, Meghan, Nathan, Nora, Roger, and Sarah-Nicole( -- fun all the way around, including

before and after (nice to see Allan, Alden, Amanda, Laverne and beau, Lisa, Ken, Peter, Steve (sans chapeau!), Wayne and escort, Music History students, and lots of other friendly folks -- familiar and new -- in the audience). Another beautiful, warm day through the






St. John Mine Mountain Ranch all the way to

the setting sun at Live Oak Park. Load up the cars afterwards, drive Meghan home, debrief with Harriet, finish the score and parts to Elijah Ghost, and do another page (5) of orchestration for The Gospel According to St. Matthew: XVI. The Tax Collector.