Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22 - So Long, Farewell Summer Sorta

In the first day of Fall 2009, but a good month or more of high-sun temperatures, mercifully, with score and parts for the third movement of Elijah Ghost, plus finish the orchestration of The Gospel According to St. Matthew: The Paralytic (The Blasphemy Trope), before dictation, keyboard-solfege, and harmony on Henry Purcell's When I Am Laid from Dido and Aeneus.

Rendezvousless lunch at China Garden grading papers, then evening Music History class, almost making it through the Renaissance

(but quiz next week on entire chapter, nonetheless), then further rebirth at

Elephant Bar with Doug and Owen. Begin fourth movement of EG before giving up the ghost, mercifully only temporarily, for the night.