Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28 - Tower de Farsi

Begin the orchestration of Solomon: XIII. Your Father Solomon before travelling that circuitous path to Diablo Valley College for another Glassian dictation, this time from Akhnaten: Akhnaten and Nefertiti, with a harmonization all in common tones (as opposed to the previous all contrary motion).

Lunch at China Garden with fine familial feelings, writing Quiz 11 for the tomorrow's Enligheners, then back to DVC finishing S 13 before and after the evening class, with music of

Arthur Honegger
Ferde Grofe
Darius Milhaud
Bessie Smith
Carl Orff
Paul Hindemith
Wayan Limbak
Henry Cowell
Adolph Deutsch
George Gershwin
Belly Dancing
Francis Poulenc
Edward "Duke" Ellington
Kurt Weill
Aaron Copland
Frederick Loewe
Harry Partch
Jester Hairston
Louis Armstrong
Joaquin Rodrigo
William Walton
Meredith Willson
Richard Rodgers
Aram Khachaturian
Joe Garland
Harold Arlen
Dmitri Shostakovich
Miklos Rosza
Olivier Messiaen
Samuel Barber
Alan (Chakmakjian) Hovhaness

Lingering with Doug, he gets to hear not only the new Solomon but all of Business As Usual, for better or worse... Record of provisional of the former on GarageBand, in a world where tempo never changes...