Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26 - Trucking on to a Finale

We rent a van in anticipation of taking all the costumes, props, and set pieces out of Noh Space after tonight's final Dioclesian/Diocletian, and the elevated cab provides a heightened consciousness for views of the English Hills,

backed by the Vaca Mountains,

while crusing down Monte Vista.

Picking up Alix Jerinic at Chamber Arts, there's flying over the Bay towards

San Francisco with

the Golden Gate, Marin Headland, and slopes of Mt. Tam in attendance.

The concluding performances (again with Maria invoicenito) are quite fine, with a rapt audience including Theoreticians Cody Green, Tyler Layne, and Julian Lesson, and Historian Stephanie Stensvold. Thereafter, we make a beeline to near Divisadero, for cast party at Adam and Indre's, with Harriet, Maria, Annemarie,

Kim, Robin, Alison and her husband.

Home again, we're too tired to unload the van but not to begin the orchestration of Solomon: XI. Because You Have Turned, mapped over the John Lennon / Paul McCartney Birthday in collison with Igor Stravinsky's The Flood: The Catalogue of the Animals.