Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20 - Sports and Divertisements

Make the run from home to St. Mary's for a rapid course of late J.S Bach (Cantata No. 140 ["Wachet Auf"]) to son C.P.E. (Sonata in A Minor), then DVC mas rapido for sight-singing the first 15 motives in Terry Riley's In C followed by Philip Glass Einstein on the Beach "Bed" excerpt for dictation and figured bass work. A tournament of finishing text underlay for Solomon: VIII. You Know (The Building of the Temple and Palace) and recording same ensues in the lab. Then up the 680 / 80 corridor, past

Poverty Hills, and beyond to

UC Davis for more Handel Solomon orchestration research. Return to instrumentalize beginning of S: IX. Happy Solomon (Procession of the Ark to the Temple).