Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13 - How I Spent My Spring Break

Up early, assuming that St. Mary's is in session, but it turns out they have a Monday travel day after easter, so spend the appointed hour continuing the orchestration of Solomon: V. You Deserve to Die (based on two old Jewish chants from The Historical Anthology of Music [HAM], one in four simultaneous versions), then head off for a couple-of-hours-long hike on Lafayette Ridge, ascending up Elizabeth Road Canyon on the Briones-to-Las-Trampas Trail,

not without its obstacles,

with views of Mt. Diablo

at the pass,

then down the Briones-to-Mt.-Diablo Trail, featuring more views of the latter, plus

the Briones Highlands,

Pleasant Hill Road,

Acalanes Ridge and

High School,

Las Trampas Ridge,

and California 24.

The loop is completed past the Home of the Dons,

Deer Hill Road,

the knolls of the Pleasant Hill / Route 24 interchange,

an architecturally intriguing yet forlorn

Hungry Hunter restaurant,

a faux-historical hostelry

and eatery,

the south side of the Lafayette Ridge,

to the strategically placed El Charro, for lunch and paper grading, with viewful benefits of the Las Trampas countryside.

What's a local day off in the local environs with a bit of time on hand without recording at DVC? So off we go, with Diablo still looming, to record

II. Have You Heard (The Coronation of Solomon)
III. You Know What to Do (The Death of David)
IV. Is This a Friendly Visit? / I'll See What I Can Do
V. You Deserve to Die (Psalm 144)

Begin orchestrating VI. What Would You Like Me to Give to You (a measure-by-measure retrograde G-mixolydian version of the Henry Purcell Dioclesian "Wisdom"), upon return.