Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7 - The Stoned Gist

A couple more pages of King David: XXIV. Rock and Strength orchestration and the composition of Psalm 18 before a DVC encounter with the Andrew Lloyd Webber Jesus Christ Superstar: Hosanna for dictation and keyboard solfege.

Samantha Garvey plays her harp to the delight of all, then we break for lunch at Elephant Bar, a quick trip home for the Dioclesian/Diocletian postcards, and return

through violent light for the evening class from Jan Sibelius through Igor Stravinsky.

Steve Sage gifts an Encore program for the Macbook,

and leaving DVC (including initial quick divert to Left Bank with Doug, Owen, David, and Colin), it's time to jump ship on the Sibelius learning curve, immediately abandoning it for the joys of the earlier format -- better sound quality, easier control of more parameters, less "fastidious butler," more intuitive, faster, c. 16 years of files.... Rewrite the pages thus far of KD: XXIV. / Psalm 18 and produce several more.