Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14 - Clouds Disperse Judgement

Finish the orchestration of Solomon: VI. What Would You Like Me to Give to You before heading out for the tech rehearsal of Dioclesian/Dioclesian, as the skies clear over the Sulfur Springs Mountains, past the American Canyon / Vallejo Divide.

And it's all becoming clearer in the practice, marking towards perfect for Purcell (in the three wars

of the Drama [featuring Harriet March Page's wonderous direction and amazing costuming, plus Kadar's magnificent lights], and

the Masque for serious

fun) and

Alburger (from I: First Paragraph Music [with Maria Mikheyenko as Edward Gibbon],

through III. Happy Funeral




the isolated-lonely pathos of

IV. What Shall I Do

[with Kimberly Anderman as Drusilla]

a fire-breathing V. Speak, Flame

["Great Diocletian" from Alexandra Jerinic's titular character] to

the solemnity of VI. Country Dance). Begin instrumentation of



This Woman after the late-night commute.