Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10 - Good News Rain Sun Friday

It's all excellent, of course, except when it's not. But for today, after finishing the orchestration of Solomon: I. Let's Find a Young Woman, the scattered rain only heightens the intensity of the views, southwest from the Cherry Glen Range,

making a beeline for Buckhorn Peak,

past the absurd greenery of the Sulfur Springs and Chinese Wall,

to pick up recompense and hie to the Briones-to-Las-Trampas-Trail (proceeding from latter to former), beginning at Foye Park,

crossing Lafayette Creek to views of the

Ridge north

and spiky-smooth highlands south,

passing under the dangers of Bart and east-and-

westbound 24,

the returning to Mt. Diablo Boulevard and beyond by

the cars on today's fairly-calm-and-misnomered Moraga B.

Can't help but return to the lab, which is going full strong after most classes aren't (it's the frontier of Spring Break), to record Solomon I, heading home past Suisun Marshes and a distant cloud-threatened Cement Hill via

Green Valley Road's views of Buckhorn and

Twin Sisters,

eventually foregrounded by Suisun Valley Crossroad Knoll, adjacent to its

ranch views of the Vaca Mountains and

faithful foothill cows,

the light vibrant above Lagoon Valley and the

shadowy ravines north. Upon return, orchestrate Solomon: II. Have You Heard (The Coronation) and begin same late for III. You Know What to Do (The Death of David).