Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18 - Reflections on a Bright Day

Can't complain on any day that features a fine first rehearsal (of Sex and Delilah, with Kristin Brown, Nanette McGuiness, and Alan Crossman), a walk on a warm day (around Oakland's Lake Merritt,

with views of the newly-completed Cathedral of Christ the Light),

a drive to the coast (Pacifica with Harriet -- the fog disperses inland for views of Montara Mountain),

and great performances -- of Henry Purcell's Dioclesian and Mark Alburger's Diocletian (the cast and director Harriet March Page above at the call) with many friendly folks in attendance, including Joel and Patti Deuter, Michael McDonagh, Brian Rosen (who declares he has a new favorite Alburger piece in Happy Funeral Music), and Suzannah Mizell (comparing this presentation with the premiere of the 2000 work at College of Marin several years back, and intriguingly drawing parallels between Henry Miller in Brooklyn: June's Song [Fi Mi Ti Sol Re Do] and D: What Shall I Do [Me Do Sol Re], which share a down-up-down intial contour and an ascending perfect 5th).