Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16 - Play of Shadows

Proceeding apace, in the fore and aft of the day, orchestrating Solomon: VIII. You Know (The Building of the Temple and Palace), then flying through space,

past the still lifes of the Sulfur Springs Mountains and

St. John Mine Hill Ranch.

to Dioclesian/Diocletian final dress rehearsal, with Alison and Kim at home resting, Alix's ankle on the verge of full recovery, Maria marking by the end of the evening, and Indre standing in as Drusilla for

the latter work's

I. First Paragraph Music,

II. E-I-E-I-O Thunder ("Great Diocletian

a bore has become /

Old Mars and Venus

mutually inspire all of life's passions"),

III. Happy Funeral Music

("Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy...")

IV. What Shall I Do,

V. Speak, Flame

("Joy Can Be Yours /

Great Diocletian,

The Great Persecutor"), and

VI. Country Dance

("Diocletian executed

his memorable resolution abdicating authority /

Retiring immediately to a villa in Luciana

where he was unable to find any lasting tranquility or